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SlotsSpot was founded in 2017 and since that time, we have put much effort to create a very detailed database of slot machines and their descriptions to provide the utmost joy to all players. Even if you are very demanding about the choice of games, you will appreciate our detailed reviews and new bonuses and promotions offered by the gambling platforms. The main goal of our project is to allow everyone to take advantage of the most profitable offers from the gambling platforms to get the utmost fun and the highest winnings. There are 3 basic directions considered by us when we develop our platform and gather information to our users about the gaming industry. They are:
  • Online Slots;
  • Online Casinos;
  • Casino Bonuses.

SlotsSpot in few words


The modern gambling industry can boast over 7,000 slot games and our platform can tell you about over 1900 slot machines operating nowadays. However, it is not the final point in our achievements since we aim at compiling a list of the maximum number of slot games on our platform. On our website, you can read detailed game descriptions and learn game features since we follow the operation of every software game provider and their latest releases. Our range of games is incredibly wide to meet the expectations of every user. Whether you enjoy slots with more free spins, adventurous bonus games, and different wilds in addition to such features as autoplay or a progressive jackpot.


The number of online casinos is growing incessantly and now their number is estimated at over 1700 platforms. The main goal of our website is to provide only truthful data about each of them. Today, our library has 124 casino reviews covering three basic types of gambling platforms: Play, Download and Mobile ones. We do our best to be impartial and create only true-to-life descriptions mentioning how to deposit and withdraw money, which currencies are accepted, which languages are supported, what organizations licensed the casino, where players are restricted to access it and many other important facts.


The current number of bonuses and promotions offered on our website exceeds about 120. We update them daily thanks to the dedicated work of our employees who put much effort to provide reliable information about the latest bonuses and promos available. Every guest of our website can select the bonus to be considered the most appealing and benefit from it fully playing a favorite game. We offer many different bonuses including Welcome Bonuses, Free Spins, Match Bonuses, No deposit bonuses, First deposit bonuses, Cashback, Free Chip, etc.

Our Story

SlotsSpot has joined the gaming industry in 2017 and now our team consists of 11 talented employees who are experts in this field. We have always paid much attention to an incessant improvement of our platform to provide more and more benefit to our users. We are interested in paying much time and effort to make our website a reliable and useful platform for all gamblers who realize the fun of gambling and are looking for realistic and fresh data regarding everything that is connected with casino games.

Every customer treats gambling in their way. Some people consider it entertainment while others earn extra money thanks to that. Our experts work for all of them paying most of their time to the search of the latest offers and let our users learn the most vital facts from them. The reason why we do that is our desire to improve the gambling experience of every user and Jake each of them our regular visitors. That is why we keep an eye on the new offers which often appear on different platforms to guarantee that you are one of the first ones to learn and take advantage of them.

Visiting our platform gamers can learn and try the best slot games of different types with 3 or 5 reels, multiple paylines, and a variety of themes. Moreover, we have made a classification of these slot themes for you to ease the process of the best slot choice and realize which games have similar symbols and characters and which ones are exclusive. Only you can decide which game to select but we are confident that our collection will not leave you disappointed and all the information we take from the famous developers will come in handy to your success.

It does not play any role whether you gamble intending to get a new range of emotions or try to fill your pocket with additional cash, SlotsSpot experts are always here to contribute to your gambling experience. Our staff is dedicated to helping all gamblers to benefit from the most rewarding propositions of the gambling platforms. That is why we track the activity of every industry leader and post information immediately as soon as we learn it.

Our website has been launched not only for high rollers who are determined to win big prizes but also players who understand the fun side of gambling. SlotsSpot has been created for people with different tastes and gambling goals, but we guarantee the utmost satisfaction to all gamblers due to the diversity of offers and information available on our platform. Gambling is our passion and we try to show everyone how thrilling it can be if you manage to achieve some heights in this industry. Whether you enjoy spinning reels or playing other casino games, SlotsSpot will be useful for all gamblers. Each of them will get everything he or she wants thanks to our professionals. Are you ready to expand your knowledge of gambling? Pave your way to the unbelievable winnings and wonderful solutions right now!

What is affiliate:

Slotsspot is an example of the wide-spread affiliation program practice. Affiliation in this sense understands that this website does not market or promote any slots, gambling or games like that. Its main idea is to be like a guide and consultor in the world of gambling and casinos. However, the site does not just inform about said above but also acts as a host for demo and free slots with no risk to your wallet. Well, the answer who pays us for all that is simple: the online casinos who get risk-aware adults from our resource as their new clients.

In general, the affiliation program, which participant our website is, can be called as a regular internet practice. Lots of those providing services or goods online are the affiliates, e.g. and Gigabytes of traffic and thousands of new clients are generated for Aliexpress and Amazon by their respective affiliate programs. Slotsspot also creates for its partners some commercial traffic for account of the interested gamblers.

The difference is that Slotsspot core business is to prepare and provide reviews and related data about online casinos and honestly warn about gambling risks and unreliable casinos. The owners of gambling establishments often partner with us as they are interested to demonstrate their fair play to the public and get our unbiased opinion. And as for us, we like to be sponsored but prefer to stay transparent and honest.

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