Privacy Policy

The main purpose of this paper is to inform you that all the conditions mentioned below are accepted by you when you make use of services offered by General Guidelines 

  • The platform never saves any details of our clients when they enter the website or navigate around it (the only exception is cookie files, you can read about them below).
  • Any data gathered by the website during the client’s interaction with the platform can be used to the following purposes. If you wish to get booklets from our platform on a regular basis, your email address will be added to our list. This option can be canceled if you want by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button provided in every letter. Some details can be gathered by our website when you take advantage of any promos, play draw games or use other service features from our partners. Our platform collects personal identification data as well taking this information from trading partners.
  • Our service never reveals any data to the third parties or online gambling platforms unless the permission was acquired for that. 
  • In case we sell our platform to a third party, all the data will be available to the new owner.
  • SlotsSpot puts much effort to protect our platform from hackers and malicious software. It is our prerogative to guarantee the security of your personal data.
  • The access to our website is allowed only to adults who are 18 and older.
  • We also inform you about the fact that our platform contains many links to other websites and the Confidentiality guidelines do not cover any of these services. Our advice is to look through the Privacy Policy of these websites and only then use their services.


SlotsSpot is authorized to send and take back cookie files from your PC. The term ‘cookie’ implies a text file that is characterized by total security and is often saved on the PC or mobile device. The cookie files of our website are created with the goal to discover the tastes of our visitors and contribute to the higher quality of service features we provide on the basis of this information. It is worth noting that any website you open from SlotsSpot following the link provided also saves cookie files on your PC. There are several ways of how our platform utilizes cookie files.

Saving the following files we withdraw predominantly statistical data. These facts will help our managers to understand how long it has taken you to surf our platform, which pages are the most popular ones, and which banner promotion was the most appealing one.

This data serves as a means of assessing the popularity of the website and count the everyday clientele number.

Our staff uses cookie files to analyze the player’s behavior and preferences so that we could improve our services and contribute to the experience of casino fans.

Any website you open directly from SlotsSpot can create cookie files on your PC too. We recommend learning the Confidentiality Guidelines of these websites to understand how they make use of cookie files collected.

Our platform reserves the right to make changes to the following the Confidentiality Guidelines anytime and it is not our obligation to contact our website users and inform about them. We advise looking through the following guidelines regularly to be aware of the recent changes. 

It is important to remember that you are allowed to block the cookie files of our platform by switching off the following option in the web browser used. However, such a decision may prevent us from learning the fact what must be improved on our website.