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The terms and conditions of platform are provided below. Read them carefully. Our next recommendation is to get the idea of the Confidentiality Guidelines of our site before you start using it.

If you disagree with any of the terms listed here, you must leave our platform as soon as possible. Our website is empowered to change other conditions mentioned in accordance with our consideration. Every amendment we make to the Conditions of Business does not oblige us to inform our clients about it. Unless you leave our platform, you will have to admit all the changes made to the following terms automatically.

Every visitor of must admit the following Conditions of Business:

  1. We ask our users to perceive the whole array of data available on as an informative one. The platform is not responsible for the way people act because of the information learned on the website, in the electronic letters sent by our platform and newsletters. You shall not consider any information you have received on the service as a legal recommendation. 
  2. SlotsSpot is not one of the gambling platforms available on the web. It means that we do not accept any money transfers sent with the goal to bet or wager.
  3. You accept the inability to use our website for illegal behavior. You accept the agreement to act legally on the platform. You confirm our refraining from being responsible for damages made as a cause of intermediary loss, statement, expense, fee, damage or any other liability to file because you have violated these business conditions.
  4. SlotsSpot is not able to give a guarantee that the whole spectrum of facts provided on the website is absolutely truthful, so we advise our users to read it carefully and check this information before undertaking any actions. The main reason why our platform may have challenges with validating the data accuracy is regular attempts of online casinos to withstand competition and therefore extend or modify their policy, bonuses, and promos. That is why our platform warns you about possible inaccuracy in the data provided, let alone human factor. It is our discretion to alter information on the platform and we are not obliged to inform our users about them. If the use of has led to some damages or disagreement with the terms of service providing, our advice to you is refuse from further use of our platform. We refuse from being responsible or obliged to pay any fees, cost, monetary punishment or money loss.
  5. The links provided by our platform appear additional data to learn for our users. You admit we do not guarantee that information you discover on these services is absolutely accurate and it is not our responsibility if there is any untruthful data on them. It leads to the conclusion that it is not our guilt if you faced any harm cooperating with these platforms. 
  6. You agree that we are not obliged to answer for any inaccurate data presented on the platform. It is our prerogative to provide only accurate and truthful information to our users. However, unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee 100% of its trustworthiness and reliability. The reason for that is multiple intermediary platforms related to our service and it is impossible to guarantee the authenticity of data they provide.
  7. You must know that any data provided by you in the e-mails, on the forum, in the comments, reviews, images, and videos become our website’s rightful property. It means that SlotsSpot is eligible for duplicating, interpreting, proofreading, publishing and sharing these data absolutely free of charge. We are also eligible for publishing your name next to the data submitted by you or avoiding doing that.
  8. You admit taking all risks for making use of the data or visiting external links provided on the website. Please, pay attention to the fact that risked are involved in all gambling activities, so you shall determine which limits are desirable and be responsible engaging in gambling activities.
  9. SlotsSpot does not recommend and does not provide any real money online casinos to the UK players. At the same time, we offer a certain number of websites with games for fun where UK citizens can enjoy free casino games after submitting a registration. We advise a wide range of slot machines and partner up with several online casinos which offer free games.
  10. It is your obligation to find out if online casinos are legalized in the country you are located and you have learned the minimal age which does not restrict access to our platform. It is your full responsibility to ensure following the state legislation of your country, state or town you are living now.