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In the modern world, gambling is a rather complicated phenomenon. On the one hand, casinos and slot machines are designed to make our life interesting and fun. In addition, this is a great opportunity to win cash prizes the size of which can reach several million dollars. Thanks to these features, gambling has become popular on all continents, but despite this fact, some countries are still actively fighting with operators and this business. For this reason, you will find many states that prohibit all forms of gambling or establish strict regulation restricting its possibilities. But if people have a great passion for money and stakes, then they are not afraid of any laws. You know, such a situation was observed in Greenland until 2010.

This is a beautiful and unique country located in the heart of the Danish Realm. The favorable location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic completely determined its fate and the main economic direction. Greenland is a country that doesn’t feel a shortage of tourists because millions of travelers from different countries and continents come here to enjoy beautiful landscapes and explore centuries-old traditions. Furthermore, Greenland is not only a beautiful country but also the largest island that will always attract the attention of travelers. Autonomy came to the country in mid-2009 and after 12 months Greenlandic gambling market was born. In 2019, gambling on the island is not prohibited, but you should not expect a large number of casinos. Typically, slot machines are used in restaurants/bars/ hotels…in a word, you will find them in places where tourists spend a lot of time.

Greenlanders and other gambling enthusiasts often play on foreign platforms, especially those that are regulated by Denmark. This means that virtual gambling in Greenland is popular and it could even get great prospects, but the government strictly regulates this business. Why? Unfortunately, the largest island in the world has become notorious due to a large number of suicides and offenses. Sooner or later, virtual gambling will take its position in the Greenland market and the government will be forced to adopt new laws. Until this happens, you can visit offshore virtual casinos operating in Denmark or the UK.

In this review, we are going to tell not only about the current laws but also the gaming halls that allow Greenland gamblers to place bets online.

Most of companies here are the partners of our project. However, it will not affect our choice of what company to review and how to place it on the website. We are absolutely free and unbiased in our reviews and opinions.

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Types of Online Casino in Greenland

So, we found out how the gambling situation looks in Greenland and now we only need to find a suitable online casino. Many players prefer to use a fairly popular tool – Google. Enter in the search bar Virtual casinos in Greenland and you will see dozens of pages with advertising, welcome bonuses, and other options that attract every player. We are forced to upset you that not every platform is really a suitable place for online betting. Some of them don’t even have licenses, so we can’t talk about a high level of security and privacy. If you want to avoid troubles then take a look at the list of offered Greenland online casinos on our website. By the way, they are also available for players from the UK and other countries. This list consists of titles such as Bet365, Betsson, All British, ComeOn, Casinoland, and others. Definitely, this list for British and Gibraltar gamers will be tracked because we always monitor for updates providing only relevant information. This means that each resource from this list has been checked by the following criteria:

  1. License. This is the most important document on the site of any online casino and if you have not seen it or the operator is hiding this data then you should find another site. The best Greenlandic platforms are licensed in the UK or Malta. These jurisdictions can guarantee the integrity of the operators and the safety of their customers.
  2. Is Greenland Casino a holder of one of these licenses? OK then we can move on to the next step – portfolio. Go to the games section and make sure they were provided by renowned providers (Microgaming/Playtech/NetEnt/Play’n Go/Evolution Gaming). The projects of these studios keep pace with technology, so consumers get high-quality and licensed content with fair payments.
  3. Finally, the last point is the bonus policy. TOP Greenland casinos always offer generous bonuses to new and active players. Before using them, the gamer would not hurt to study their terms/conditions.

These are not the only criteria that will help players from Greenland filter out virtual casinos. So, all clubs are divided into several categories:

  • Live Casino. Until 2010, developers were looking for a new solution that would combine virtual gambling and the atmosphere of a real gaming room. This is how the first live casinos appeared on the Internet. These days, their number is growing rapidly and players from Greenland can play against real dealers at any time. It is worth noting that live platforms offer only table games and several new projects including Dream Catcher, Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, and Football Studio.
  • Did you know that your smartphone and tablet can win real money? This is not a joke because gaming resources adapted for portable devices are very popular in Greenland. Using a laptop/tablet/smartphone, players can bet online without any restrictions. Mobile gambling offers many advantages, but above all, Greenlanders play anywhere!
  • In 2018, cryptocurrency regained its position by returning to all areas of the business. Nowadays, it is increasingly being used as a deposit method in special Greenland casinos that offer hundreds of slot machines and juicy bonuses. Why have digital coins become so popular with Greenland gamers? They provide the highest level of protection and even provide anonymity.

Choosing a virtual casino is a headache for players from Greenland and other countries. We have compiled a list of the safest sites so that our readers get the best experience.

Types of Casino Games for Greenland

Many experts and investors support gambling because they consider it a profitable and successful business. In addition, it is profitable not only for countries and operators but also for players who place bets and win real money. In 2019, virtual gambling is one of the most popular entertainments thanks to developers who will always find new solutions for our pleasure. It is obvious that the possibilities of online gambling have exceeded expectations and today Greenland players have access to thousands of slot machines that are endowed with unique options and large jackpots.

Many gamers have only one question: What games to play at Greenland casinos? Therefore, we decided to describe all the available games in this section.

Each player has his/her own preferences, so the concept of best game may seem subjective. For many players, this will be a cool thematic slot with dynamic gameplay and a convenient interface. At the moment, this is the most popular content in any Greenland online casino. Each video slot is a unique storyline that is expressed in the original visual design, characters, and bonus mini-games. Furthermore, game creators often add special characters (Wild/Scatter) and Free Spins. As you know, the largest prize pools are played in progressive slots presented in a wide variety at Greenland virtual casinos. Not so long ago, Mega Moolah paid its another grand jackpot so you can be the next millionaire!

For those of you who also want to train your brain, the Greenland game rooms offer 10+ blackjack variations. Baccarat and Poker are also popular because these are games where the outcome of the round depends only on your skills and strategies. Greenland players often choose roulette in French/European/3D/Classic and other formats. Alternative table games include Sic Bo, Pontoon, Pai Gow, and others. By the way, many of these games are presented in Live casinos host players from Greenland.

Want to get paid as quickly as possible? In this case, you should pay attention to the lottery. No, these are not boring tickets with winning numbers. In Greenland casinos, these are full-fledged games with different stories and even characters. Choose Keno, Bingo or Scratch Cards and get a lot of payouts.

In the previous section, we talked about mobile resources popular in the territory of Greenland. This means they offer relevant content adapted for touch screens. Now you can use Windows/Android/iOS smartphones and tablets for instant play, or download software and play anytime.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Greenland

Some countries have established such strict laws that players are afraid to visit sites with slot machines and other games. Players caught by the police often pay fines or receive imprisonment (from several months to several years). Fortunately, the listed punishments are not practiced on the territory of Greenland where residents can visit virtual casinos without restrictions. Gambling has been legal in the island for almost 10 years and its regulation is divided into several official bodies.

The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for regulating virtual platforms, offline gaming rooms, and lotteries. It is worth noting that the liberalization of horse racing does not operate in Greenland.

In the meantime, the Greenland police have established control over the issuance of licenses, organization of lotteries (for charity), and the operation of land-based slot machines. The process of obtaining a license is quite simple. So, the operator only needs to provide a package of documents proving that the casino will be a safe place for bets. Entrepreneurs cannot open a gambling store until they receive the appropriate permission from the DGA.

Greenlandic rules and laws are always in the public domain so you can study all the necessary information at any time. Most virtual operators accept players over 18. On some portals, the age limit is increased, therefore only players over 21 years old can bet.

As you can see, the Greenlandic government is loyal to online gambling without attempting to block offshore websites. We are sure that virtual gambling will become more popular in the country sooner or later. Maybe this will happen when America buys Greenland?

Best Deposit Methods for Greenlandian

Thanks to the new policy, the economic situation of Greenland over the past 5 years has improved significantly. These days, the island is open to all kinds of businesses including gambling which is popular on all continents. Having created comfortable conditions for the development of gambling, Greenland only wants to attract foreign investors and operators. Meanwhile, Greenlanders visit offshore internet casinos and win real money. Some of them play for fun thanks to demo games. On the one hand, the demo version is a great opportunity to improve skills and strategies, but on the other hand, it does not allow you to win money and get all the benefits of online betting. To receive a real payment and become a high-roller, Greenlandic gambler needs to make a deposit using the tools below:

E-wallets have become very popular in e-commerce, therefore, PayPal; Neteller Skrill and other similar services are familiar to almost every player. They not only guarantee 100% security but also conduct instant transactions without a huge commission. Consequently, customers can save money and spend it on bets.

Many players from Greenland prefer debit/credit cards because they are always at hand. The list of available solutions for Greenland consumers consists of Dankort/Mastercard/ Maestro/Eurocheque/Diners Club/Cirrus/VISA. Each of these services has an excellent reputation on the Internet, guaranteeing protection and an individual approach to each client.

Do virtual payment systems seem too complicated? OK then you should send/receive money through a bank in Greenland/Denmark. In this case, the transaction will be processed much longer, but on the other hand, employees of the financial institution will check all the details.

Before making the first payment, the user needs to study all the pitfalls and find out how the selected service works.

Accepted Currencies in Greenland

Thirteen years ago, Denmark agreed with Greenland and the introduction of a new currency on the island. A few months later, Greenland said it didn’t want to accept new banknotes as it would be a problem for tourists who want to use international currencies like USD, Euro, and Pounds (numerous travelers from the UK). The same currencies are found in Greenland online casinos. Greenlandic players can use currency conversion, but in this case, they need to pay additional fees.

Some gaming halls open for gamers based in Greenland decided to use cryptocurrency for greater security. In addition, it gives more advantages to gamers who are afraid of scammers and hackers. The popularity of Bitcoin and other digital coins in virtual gambling is due to its high security. No official body has enough tools to track such a transaction. This detail allows players to be anonymous. Also, cryptocurrency provides the fastest and at the same time FREE procedures. Do not forget that Bitcoin is a popular trend that shows stable growth and an increase in customers. This means it will appear in all areas of business soon. Meanwhile, it is used by players from Greenland and England for secure transactions in the best online casinos.

Customer Support

We often come across cool gaming rooms shattered by poor customer support. This item plays an important role in every club that accepts players from Greenland, Britain, and other countries. Registration, bonuses, deposits…for some players, these are unfamiliar terms and without receiving a response/help from a specialist, they will quickly leave the virtual casino and place a bet elsewhere. Therefore, operators with high-quality and effective customer support attract more and more users every day. In Greenland online casinos, gamblers have several ways to contact a specialist.

First of all, you need to write an email and send it to the specified address. Popular gaming halls consider requests immediately or give answers within 24 hours. Less popular Greenlandic platforms send letters within 48 hours. All platforms work in different ways, so the waiting period is different too.

Some websites even provide a hotline. In this case, you need to call and tell the casino representative about your problem. In some cases, customers need to be authorized by submitting their data.

And finally, the third (most effective) tool for every casino customer in Greenland is live chat. Opening this special window will immediately contact a specialist. Tell us about your problem and get an answer/advice/instruction.

Our readers should be aware that all relevant information on the operation of the casino is stored in the FAQ section. This is a separate page on each platform where you will find answers to frequently asked questions of players (registration/games/bonuses/banking).

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Greenland

As we have already said, the economic direction of Greenland was determined by its location. As expected, the government hopes to attract as many tourists as possible by adopting new (loyal) laws for gambling. In 2019, travelers will not find offline gaming rooms on the island since all gamers prefer to win real money on the Internet. Virtual platforms got more opportunities, therefore they have excellent prospects in the territory of Greenland.

The changes that occurred in 2018 allowed us to make a forecast about the development of gambling in Greenland in the future. So, many platforms have introduced live games which caused a positive reaction. Now, residents of Greenland and guests of the largest island can visit the real gaming rooms without leaving the room.

Many experts predict Bitcoin and other coins a great future in the gambling segment. This trend will definitely effect on Greenland gambling since a large number of tourists will pay for services, goods, and bets using digital coins.

In general, the forecast is quite positive and we hope that this review will help you answer the main questions. On our site, you will always find reliable virtual casinos for Greenlandic and British gamers.

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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