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While you are reading this article, the number of gamers is rapidly increasing exactly as the number of producers who develop gambling content. In today’s world it is difficult to find something that shows stable growth as a gambling industry. Internet games have become very popular and no one can deny it. Have you ever thought about the reasons for this success? Why are video slots that play around banal themes becoming so popular? This is a hard question with a simple answer.

The success and popularity of slot machines are hidden in their functions. We do not know if you noticed or not, but most modern game models have an Autoplay option. Even beginners who started the game for the first time can use this option with the corresponding button on the control panel.

The vast majority of models of all popular providers (GameArt/Playtech/NetEnt/Betsoft/Microgaming) make it possible not to press the Spin button after each round. Together, you can choose the bet and the number of active lines, determine the number of rotations, make additional settings and observe how the reels rotate in automatic mode.

To evaluate the advantage of Autoplay Mode, a player does not need to open an e-wallet and make a deposit. We always say that the slot machines on our site support demo mode. This is an absolutely free game that does not require registration or downloads. In addition, you can always play on portable devices.

This is a great solution if you need to go somewhere, but you want to continue your gaming session. Slots are adapted for all smartphones and tablets without sacrificing quality. That means they offer amazing graphics as well as a full range of features, including Autoplay. Some developers offer a basic version of the auto-game without any parameters. Others equip it with numerous adjustable options. But the main goal of autogame is unchanged. It is designed to make your gambling session comfortable and fast (if necessary).

But at the same time, players need to know what features and surprises this mode of rotation has. We will reveal all the necessary aspects in this article.

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Types of Autoplay Mode

To appreciate the advantages and power of this mode, we need to find out what variations of it you can meet in video slots. Since the principle of operation is unchanged, we will produce a conditional division according to the presence of certain functions and parameters:

  • No settings. This is a standard version that does not have additional settings. So, the player starts the auto mode with a special button and waits when it stops.
  • In advanced online slots, participants can choose the number of automatic spins.
  • Time and financial limits. Most modern developers are constantly improving this option. As a result, users can set different restrictions on automatic mode. For example, you can specify the maximum amount of win/loss.
  • Extra options. If you want to control all aspects of the gaming machine, then we advise you to choose the appropriate online slot in which the auto mode offers a set of advanced settings. After that, you will choose the amount of one-time winnings after which the slot pauses and waits for your action. You can also specify when different bonus mini-games and other rounds are activated.

As you can see, the autopilot mode is very popular and every player can find a suitable game mode. But first, you need to find out at what points you should activate the auto game.

When Can I Use AutoPlay?

Do not think that the auto game is something bad. In fact, this is a useful feature that will make your gaming session as comfortable as possible. Modern games have excellent characteristics. Developers are introducing three-dimensional graphics and use interesting plots. All these components as well as bonus rounds and big payouts will help you to plunge into the virtual world. This will happen quickly if you use Auto Mode, which allows you to relax and enjoy the beautiful game.

There are also other situations when the auto game will help the gamer:

  1. Imagine that you are playing in a mobile casino. Sometimes these games have not that user-friendly design, so the player can not press the Spin button often. If you had such a situation, then you know that auto play is a great helper.
  2. If you are participating in a tournament and you want to make as many spins as possible, then you need to use Autoplay again.
  3. Beginners, amateurs and even professionals often use the demo game. This is a great opportunity to test any online slot and its functions. In this situation, auto mode will help you again. If you want to test Free Spins, but do not want to wait for them to appear, then use the auto mode that will speed up this process.

Top Autoplay Slots

Autopilot has become an integral feature of modern casino projects. Probably you want to test this game right now. To save your time, we have collected the most popular slot machines that have not only Autoplay but also other options including amazing bonuses. This list includes models such as 12 Animals; 1can2can; 2016 Gladiators; 3D Farm; 4 Seasons and many others.

As we said, you can play not only on PCs, but also on mobile devices. Do not worry, the quality of slot machines does not depend on the device. They always give positive emotions, excellent visualization and real money, of course.

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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