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People have always been looking for a place where they can have fun and make money. As a result, entrepreneurs came up with gaming halls filled with slot machines. These were large instances with a standard set of characters. They also had a boring design, but in spite of this, the entertainment has become very popular. Gamers liked to pull a big lever and catch combinations on the playing field. Since then, a lot of time has passed and the new-generation video slots offer users new options.

In this article we will look at the features and essence of Multiplier, which increases payouts for gamers and increases their bankroll.

When you study the table of coefficients of a slot machine, in order to understand what payments symbols give for combinations, you should learn the general rules of the game on this model. It probably uses multipliers, which increase payouts under certain circumstances. This is a very interesting and common option that developers often use.

If you want to experience the power of multipliers and their advantages, then you should read this review to the end. We will talk about the types of this bonus and their functions.

Free Multiplier Slots

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Multipliers and wilds

So, Multiplier is a bonus feature in online slots, which allows you to increase your winnings several times. Using these coefficients, the user can double winnings, quadruple them, or even multiply by 100 or 1000 times. The rules that multipliers increase winnings can be both simple and complex. In most modern casino slots, multipliers work as a duet with Wild Symbols. In this case, the combination consisting of ordinary pictures and the Jokers are paid at double the coefficient. But if this chain consists of 2+ Wild, then the multiplier will remain at this level or with each Wild (x2/x4/x6/x8 and so on).
Such online slots are often found in the modern gambling industry. You can also find many slots in which Wild and multipliers perform different functions in different situations. For example, in the Muse: Wild Inspiration video slot, the Joker can expand to the entire reel or give an x2 multiplier.

Microgaming company occupies a leading position in the gambling market, so it releases video slots of all categories. In the Mega Money Multiplier slot you will see 3 classic reels with different jokers and additional multipliers. So, players get more combinations with these coefficients: x2/x3/x4 or even x5!

Multipliers Slots with Free Spins

This is another way to introduce multipliers in casino games. It is worth noting that leading providers have achieved excellent results in this segment. For example, some Novomatic online slots use triple factors during free spins. Microgaming has interesting findings in this regard too. In the Tiger Moon online slot Wild on the second reel increases the win four times during free rounds. If this element appears on the 5th reel, then the multiplier size will increase to x5.

Slot machine casino manufacturers are trying to make multipliers and other bonuses interesting. In some slots, the player determines the size of the multiplier and the number of bonus spins in a single round. As a result, the game becomes interesting and fun. In addition, you win real money!

Consistently increasing multiplier

Some video slots allow you to receive payments calculated on additional multipliers that increase with consecutive wins. To tell how this bonus works, we will look at the Robin Hood: Shifting Riches slot machine, which has many fans in the world of gambling. After the first successful rotation, you get the odds indicated in the paytable. After the second win, you get an x2 multiplier. If the winning streak continues, then this indicator increases up to x3 and x4 after the third and fourth successful rotation.

Overall, multiplier is a cool bonus that will be your assistant. It increases player payouts and reaches fantastic sizes. For example, in Multiplier Madness online slot, your payouts increase by 16 times!

How to play Multiplier Slots

Fortunately, slots with multipliers do not differ in rules and algorithms. Payouts are awarded for combinations that consist of the same symbols or if you fulfill the requirements of the bonus round. Multiplier will only increase the size of this payout and make you rich. But first, you need to choose the appropriate video slot. You can do it on our website, we even made a list with the best projects that offer amazing multipliers.

After that you need to go to the theoretical section with the rules. As a rule, it describes all the symbols, their coefficients and bonus options of the slot machine. As soon as you study the theoretical statements, you need to choose the number of winning lines and the size of the bet.

These indicators are governed by the corresponding keys as well as the rotation mode. Gamers can do manual spins or activate auto mode.

Multiplier Slots Conclusion

Modern slots are masterpieces filled with unique scenes, great graphics and various bonuses. To attract the attention of gamers, developers use 3D graphics, various animations and music effects. In addition, players use different bonuses like multipliers. In the previous sections we described how it works and even used several slots as an example.

We hope that these tips will help you find the right online slot and win real money. But remember that the size of payouts depends not only on the multipliers but also on your betting strategy and the number of active lines.

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020

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